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January 31st Discussion with Delegate Terri Hill

February 10, 2020

Thanks for Joining Us

Sponsored by the Residences at Vantage Point chapter of MaCCRA
Maryland Continuing Care Residents Association
The Voice of Continuing Care Residents.
Residences at Vantage Point Chapter

Held: JANUARY 31, 2 pm, 2nd Floor Auditorium
The Residences at Vantage Point

Topic:Finding our way to affordable and accessible healthcare for all

Speaker:Our Maryland State Delegate:TERRI L. HILL, M.D.

In Maryland, state laws have been passed to preserve coverage as federal laws erode and challenges to the Affordable Care Act continue.

  • What are the paths forward to ensure that every resident has access to affordable quality healthcare?
  • What is the difference between the ACA and Universal Healthcare and Healthcare for All?
  • How would these plans impact prescription drug costs and can they really be achieved?
  • How can Maryland’s legislative efforts inform the Federal government’s efforts to fix the healthcare system?