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Resident Stories

Nothing is more special than the caring support shared by those who live in community at Residences at Vantage Point. From social activities to emotional reassurance, hear it from them in their own words:


“As a Columbia pioneer and a Town Center resident, I knew I did not want to leave Columbia when it was time to plan for our later years. Vantage Point offered me the opportunity to age in place right next door. It has turned out to be a wonderful decision.” Helen Ruther


“Vantage Point is an environment wherein one can feel safe and secure in his/her future.” Gerson Kaplan


“We are, ‘part of all that we have met’. Vantage Point is an arch which has allowed us to continue many happy years of sharing with family and friends.” John Donovan


“Moving to Vantage Point from Columbia meant I did not have to change my doctors, shopping habits even my zip code. It allowed me to remain close to my family and friends.” Marilyn Donovan


“…The strong sense of community was ultimately the major factor in my decision to live here, I was very concerned about making the transition after years in the midwest. But then I moved here and found this wonderful support system that has grown stronger with each year that I live at Vantage Point.” Charlotte “Tuckie” Pillar


“I have always been involved in art. My path has led me through many hobbies to jobs as a draftsman, graphic artist and eventually a small business as a potter with my husband. I retired after more than 30 years of making pots and teaching others. Now I am into mixed media projects, Zentangle and watercolor here at Residences at Vantage Point.” Lynn Perlin


“Living at Vantage Point in Columbia has given me a chance for a new life. Living at Vantage Point has provided so any opportunities for me to stay involved as I continue to age.” Lillian Davis