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Resident Stories

Nothing is more special than the caring support shared by those who live in community at Residences at Vantage Point. From social activities to emotional reassurance, hear it from them in their own words:


“After the sudden death of my wife, I found myself alone. In addition, since I moved into Vantage Point during COVID, I had to self- isolate. Now, I was still alone but in an unfamiliar place. Then came vaccinations and boosters. Finally, I was able to interact with other residents. It made me realize that not only was I not alone, but I was also a part of a caring community of residents and staff.”

“When you become a resident, you unlock access to a world of opportunities. You meet new friends with whom to enjoy various activities such as educational seminars, speakers, games, hobbies, fitness, movies, the arts, music, community governance and other special interest groups. It is a life I would not have had living alone. In a community like Vantage Point, I find companionship with the people around me, stimulation in the conversations we have and inspiration to live the rest of my life.” Doug Edsall


I just wanted to thank every last one of you for the wonderful celebration on Saturday. We noted that for 32 years our building has been home to a variety of residents from the Columbia area and beyond. The ice sculpture was a special treat. I remember the year it said Vantage House! Residents were thrilled to enjoy cocktails and a Charcuterie Display consisting of many treats.

Staff women clustered around the portable bar included Patti Hutton, Rikia and….. was that Kristie. Liquids refreshments and the Charcuterie provided a great opportunity for residents to interact socially in a way not possible since before Covid reared it’s ugly head. Dinner was a treat! It is not every night that we have the opportunity to enjoy delicious oysters on the half shell or dip really great shrimp into cocktail sauce. What fun!

There was so much that the entire staff did this past week to make the celebration special and a time to remember. ( We all too well remember 2020 with individual plating of the dinners on each floor and watching the celebration alone in our apartments on Zoom!) Thank you for sharing in a wonderful celebration which we could attend for in person this time.” Paula Rasera


“You guys are one of the reasons we are so very glad we live here! Your organization, kindness, on-the-spot decision making and comfort-making adjustments—plus the beer, the sunset, the vibe of a place full of millenials and kids which we have never been to in some almost 40 years in the area—made last night ’s trip to the Guinness brewery and outdoor pub very special. I feel like we all had an unexpected mini “Oktober Fest” that I hope will be repeated again next year.

I think I can speak for all participants when I say that 90% of the fun was due to you 4 (Rikia, Stephanie, Anthony and Tiffany). You made us all feel like a big (if somewhat over-aged😊) “family” the way you ran the trip, shared experiences (and beer preferences!), saw that everyone’s needs were met (from bathroom to gift shop), and helped us with the technology of ordering, etc. The tour was fantastic, the food great, and the ease of the journey remarkable.

Thanks again to you personally and to the Residences for an evening to remember!” Steve & Sue


“As a Columbia pioneer and a Town Center resident, I knew I did not want to leave Columbia when it was time to plan for our later years. Vantage Point offered me the opportunity to age in place right next door. It has turned out to be a wonderful decision.” Helen Ruther


“Vantage Point is an environment wherein one can feel safe and secure in his/her future.” Gerson Kaplan


“We are, ‘part of all that we have met’. Vantage Point is an arch which has allowed us to continue many happy years of sharing with family and friends.” John Donovan


“Moving to Vantage Point from Columbia meant I did not have to change my doctors, shopping habits even my zip code. It allowed me to remain close to my family and friends.” Marilyn Donovan


“…The strong sense of community was ultimately the major factor in my decision to live here, I was very concerned about making the transition after years in the midwest. But then I moved here and found this wonderful support system that has grown stronger with each year that I live at Vantage Point.” Charlotte “Tuckie” Pillar


“I have always been involved in art. My path has led me through many hobbies to jobs as a draftsman, graphic artist and eventually a small business as a potter with my husband. I retired after more than 30 years of making pots and teaching others. Now I am into mixed media projects, Zentangle and watercolor here at Residences at Vantage Point.” Lynn Perlin


“Living at Vantage Point in Columbia has given me a chance for a new life. Living at Vantage Point has provided so any opportunities for me to stay involved as I continue to age.” Lillian Davis


“It has been six months since my Dad passed away, and although his passing is still fresh in my mind, my memories of the good times we shared together have begun to replace the sadness and the loss one feels after the passing of a loved one. My Dad lived at the Residences at Vantage Point for four and a half years. Prior to that, he lived his entire life in New York. I left New York to attend college in Maryland fifty years ago. I made Maryland my home. Although we had plenty of opportunities to visit him and my family in New York, the visits were sporadic, centered mostly around holiday gatherings.

Having him move to the Residences at Vantage Point enabled me and my immediate family to visit him several times a week. While he was first apprehensive at the thought of moving to Maryland after spending nearly his entire life in New York, the staff at Vantage Point made him welcomed and part of their family. He enjoyed meeting new friends and sharing stories with them. He was proud to show off his great-grandchildren to other guests whenever they visited.

He enjoyed joking with the staff and appreciated their attentiveness. The renovations to the building were often challenging, but the results were amazing. All that major work was done while the facility continued to serve the needs of every resident. It was quite an accomplishment.

As my Dad’s days grew shorter, he was treated by the staff with compassion and respect. The medical staff was wonderful and took good care of him when I could not visit due to COVID-19. I will forever be grateful to them for their tireless work during the most difficult of times.

I enthusiastically recommend the Residences at Vantage Point to seniors who are looking to move to an independent living environment. The staff becomes your extended family and it is a wonderful place to spend your golden years.

On behalf of my entire family, thank you once again.

Stuart Breslow

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