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Residences at Vantage Point Independent Living in Columbia, Maryland

Imagine maintenance-free living that allows you to travel at a moment’s notice without hiring someone to babysit your vacant house. Picture joining your peers for dinner, a concert or a lecture. Residents have discovered the simple formula we use to calculate the value of independent living: 0 chores + 0 worries = independence. Rest easy at the end of a busy day knowing you’ve made a secure plan for your health care future.

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Independent Living Services and Amenities Included

When you select an independent living apartment residence at Vantage Point, you’re choosing to maintain – or improve! – your current lifestyle in a right-sized home instead of letting the upkeep and repair of a house wear you down. You’re selecting a flexible lifestyle that allows you to be engaged on your terms – even to close the door to your apartment and enjoy quiet time for yourself when you aren’t up to being social.

With more than 15 floor plan styles, you’re bound to find one that’s just the right fit for you (and your pet, too!) And, we offer interior personalization of your new home. Your fees include the following services and amenities:

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  • All utilities
  • Recycling and trash removal
  • Interior and exterior maintenance and repairs
  • Upkeep/landscaping/snow removal
  • Housekeeping and linen service
  • Transportation
  • Property insurance and taxes
  • Flexible dining program
  • Cable and wifi service
  • Wellness and fitness programs
  • Entertainment and educational programs
  • 24-hour on-site security and emergency response system

Are you ready to consider independent living?
Take our quiz!

  1. I like a game of cards with friends or neighbors.
  2. My idea of a good time is watching someone else clear gutters, shovel snow and mow the lawn.
  3. I love it when someone else cleans up after dinner and washes the dishes.
  4. I would attend interesting classes or lectures if the teacher came to my house.
  5. My favorite part of housework is saying “thank you” to the housekeeper.
  6. I would be more motivated to use the gym if it was a short walk down the hall.
  7. It would be nice to get a ride to an appointment every now and then, without having to drive myself, especially in bad weather.
  8. Access to an “on-call” handyman would be convenient.
  9. I would socialize more often with like-minded friends if we all lived in the same neighborhood.
  10. I would be happier if I expanded my circle of friends.
  11. In an emergency, I would feel more secure knowing someone in the building would respond 24/7.

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