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5 Questions for Executive Director Pierce Carey

August 10, 2023

Since joining Residences at Vantage Point as executive director in February, Pierce Carey has worked to get to know the staff and residents as well as his new community of Columbia. For anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to spend some time with him, here are his responses to five questions that will help you to get to know him better. We learn about his upbringing, his influences, his dogs (he and his husband have four) and how he approaches his job.

You got your undergraduate degree in Iowa and your master’s degree in Florida. Where did you grow up?

Executive Director Pierce CareyOriginally, I am from Kansas. Born and raised in Salina, Kansas. It was very Midwestern. I enjoyed the small community that I grew up in. Obviously, I try and go back as often as I can, but certainly the Midwestern charm of having family and friends all close was really enjoyable for me growing up. Then, I did my undergraduate and graduate degrees both in healthcare administration, in Iowa and in Florida, respectively.

Who was your role model or someone you looked up to growing up?

I would say my parents. Ultimately, they were the ones not only raising me, but [the ones] who taught me how to have a great work ethic and how to enjoy the small things in life. But also, they taught me to understand that you have to work hard for what you want and where you want to be. And that philosophy has really stuck with me. So, both my parents, I think, were probably my biggest role models, teaching me how to live life, how to care for others, and how to work hard. That’s always left a big impression on me and influences my management style. It’s why I ended up in senior living, caring for and creating an exceptional life for seniors.

How would you describe your management style?

I thrive with open dialog and open communication. I enjoy it when people challenge me or my opinions, and we’re able to have a conversation. Typically, I’ve found that helps get to a better resolution or better ideas. Or, at the very least, it allows everybody in the room to understand the different perspectives. So, much like my open-door policy where residents can stop by my office at any time, at all my leadership team meetings and committee meetings, I really encourage people to voice their opinions. Because I think those discussions are important to have a holistic view of a problem or a challenge or a new idea.

What is a thing about Residences at Vantage Point that people don’t know that you wish they did?

Good question. I would say the one thing that outsiders may not know or people in the greater Columbia community may not know is how rich our history is here at Vantage Point. We have several residents that had moms and dads and grandparents who lived here at Vantage Point several decades ago. And now, they find themselves as residents here as well. Those types of stories speak to the heritage and the experience we provide here at Vantage Point. That throughout generations, people continue to come back to Vantage Point to call it home. I think it’s important for people to know this.

What’s the first thing you like to do when you get home after a long day at work?

Famously, I guess at least here at Vantage Point, I have four dogs at home – a husky, a German shepherd, a beagle and a Boston terrier. Just getting to enjoy them and see them after a long day always perks me up. It’s a nice stress reliever to take them on a walk or play fetch or what have you. So, my dogs are definitely an important part of my stress relief, and they really bring joy to me in my personal life.

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