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President of the Vantage Point Residents’ Association – remarks on experience and growth through renovations

September 28, 2018

I’m here because this is my home. I’m one of 267 residents who, for the past two years, have been involved in a home improvement project. As most of you know, that sort of thing is usually exciting to plan but excruciating to undergo. This particular project was quite long in duration and affected a large number of people with varied adaptive capabilities. There are, in fact, some elderly folks living here, and some don’t particularly enjoy, and certainly didn’t ask for, a major change in their home. And since my time as president of the Residents’ Association has coincided with our home improvement project, I’ve been kept apprised of many of the concerns that arose during its progress.

For a number of reasons, these experiences have all been good for me.

1. I was able to communicate often with Vantage Point management, who were always compassionately receptive to the residents’ concerns I brought to them. And they responded swiftly with corrections or explanations related to each particular issue.
And let me emphatically interject that the plaintiffs didn’t always consider the results to be satisfactory; it’s to those persistent plaintiffs that I give thanks for their vigilance. When everyone is happy during such an extensive project as this one has been, somebody isn’t paying attention!

2. I served as one of two resident voting members of the Vantage Point Corporate Board, which I found to be persistently concerned with the health, safety and security (including financial security) of all residents.

3. I was consistently impressed by the courteous and respectful Whiting Turner workforce which – if you can believe it – remained almost invisible (though often not inaudible!) throughout their time with us.

Now, after enduring the variety of temporary inconveniences that were encountered as our home improvement project moved forward – inconveniences that occasionally evoked feelings of frustration, uncertainty, and sometimes even fear and anger – most residents seem to agree that the final product has turned out to be pretty nice after all. And I’m delighted that you’ll have an opportunity to see what I mean.

– Dr. Mike Glasgow