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Residences at Vantage Point partnership with Running Brook Elementary is official!

February 18, 2020

Agreement signingRunning Brook Elementary School Principal Anthony Esposito and Black Student Achievement Program Liaison Andrea Frank joined Residences at Vantage Point Life Enrichment Manager Jamilah Bashir to sign the formal agreement at the February 11 event.

The Vision of the partnership is to have the Residences at Vantage Point and Running Brook Elementary School live in a community that promotes lifelong learning for all ages.

Running Brook Elementary School (RBES) has partnered with Residences at Vantage Point (Vantage Point) to create social connections, build a strong sense of community, and learn from one another through intergenerational activities and programs.

The partnership was formalized with an official partnership signing on Tuesday, February 11 at Running Brook Elementary School in Columbia, Maryland.

Under the terms of the agreement, Vantage Point residents will serve as judges for the RBES Unheard Perspectives seminars, participate in generational interview projects and host an annual Reading Recovery picnic for students.

Vantage Point and RBES staff will work together to implement an Adopt a Grandchild/Grandparent program.

Below are a few things that took place and upcoming events:

  • In February, we invited RBES Unheard Perspectives seminar class to present their work to Vantage Point residents. 3 residents volunteered to judge the presentations. It was very nice!
  • On a regular basis residents go to RBES to be interviewed by 4th grade students. Students will create a project and return to present their work at Vantage Point.

Seniors and elementary school kids talking Seniors and elementary school kids talking

Residences at Vantage Point was founded in 1990 and is a nonprofit serving people age 60 and above. Managed by Life Care Services, the community includes a variety of residential living arrangements and provides long-term health services exclusively for residents should they need them. Residences at Vantage Point is noted for its arts, cultural and educational activities, as well as for resident engagement with the larger community of Columbia.

Seniors and elementary school kids talkingSeniors and elementary school kids

The Howard County Public School System’s Partnerships Office has united schools with more than 1,000 businesses and community organizations to enhance the educational experience of Howard County students. Partnerships benefit schools, businesses and the entire community by leveraging the resources of all participants. Partners may commit human or financial resources or other support.