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Three myths — and truths — about retirement living

December 12, 2013

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At Vantage Point, our residency counselors hear many common misconceptions about retirement living. Maybe you’ve held onto one or two of these yourself. If so, read on to learn the real truth behind retirement living at Vantage Point.

Myth #1: “I don’t need to move. I’m still healthy and active.”

Truth: Actually, that’s the best time to move to Vantage House! Ours is an active, independent community, with so much to experience — and so many people to experience it with. From clubs and classes to outings and opportunities, our community will keep you enjoying your healthy, active life. In fact, what we hear most often from new residents is, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Myth #2: “All retirement communities are pretty much the same.”

Truth #2: It can be difficult to tell the differences between retirement communities — until you really see one from the inside. A community tour is a great way to see for yourself: What amenities does it have? How much do residents interact socially? What is the dining like? Does the community offer levels of care? What are the residency options? A personal visit can answer these questions — and so can a good Residency Counselor, like the ones you’ll meet at Vantage Point.

Myth #3: “If I move out of my house, I’ll have nothing to do.”

Truth: Let’s look at what you do in your house now: mow your lawn, rake your leaves, take care of the maintenance, cook and clean, and the list goes on. Now look at everything you could be doing at Vantage House: enjoy chef-prepared meals, learn Spanish, try an art course, join a cardio kickboxing class, take an organized museum tour, join a resident committee — this list goes on, too. Truth is, you’ll have so much more to enjoy. What you’ll have much less of is worry and responsibility.

Learn even more delightful truths behind living at Vantage House. Join us for an upcoming Lunch & Learn or any of our special events!